FIT Brands identify and match product manufacturing partners based on location, capabilities and cost efficiencies. We guide our customers through logistics and quality control issues to ensure a smooth supply chain is established from product production to distributor relationships. FIT Brands then wholesales product directly to you at a competitive cost, maximizing your profit opportunities.



Major Brand partners love working with FIT Brands to establish new markets internationally. Why? FIT Brands has established distributor relationships in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and South America. The advantage of working through a sourcing agent such as FIT Brands is that we easily and seamlessly open international markets for your products, your financial transaction with us is a US-based transaction (with no currency exchange issues), payment is pre-paid, and has the added security of Ex-Im Bank payment guarantees. In addition, some overseas transactions require customs coordination, regulatory approvals, language and labeling localizations, midnight calls to far off time zones, etc. We handle all of this.

• Establish and Manage Supply Chain Manufacturing Partners
• Direct Best Practices Packaging Solutions
• Oversee Quality Control
• Manage Cost
• Establish and Successfully Hit Timelines
• Liaison Client/Manufacturer Partnerships
• JIT Wholesale Product Logisitics